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About Me

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating and witnessing the rites of passage in life. That's why being a celebrant is important to me; the joyous moments of witnessing the passion and love between the couples or children who have allowed me to be part of their magical celebratory journey. Or indeed celebrating the passage of a persons life through a very personal funeral or memorial service.


Before becoming a celebrant, I was a nurse in the NHS. There I witnessed first-hand how important life is and how we use our time and who with. As a healer,  I see connection to nature and the world in which we live as a privilege, not a given right, and like many strive to protect it  so that my place in the world has meaning. 

Sharing something of myself

  • I love history -from costumes to architecture; the magnificent castles, Tudor buildings, gothic churches and Cathedrals, stately homes and landscaped gardens . 

  • Nature is important to me as it enriches my soul, gives me comfort and like many I hear the call of the planet and seek to do my bit to protect her. Which is why I love conducting your ceremony in natural surroundings. Sometimes perfection is in the simplicity.

  • Living the Good Life-I feel so blessed to cook my own produce, tend my beautiful garden and it's here after a contemplative day your ceremony is written.

  • I genuinely love helping people, that's probably why I am a nurse- comes in handy too at stressful weddings. That's why I feel I can help you plan the best day and deliver it to the best of my ability..

  • My spirituality is also very important to me - that makes me best placed to officiate at a religious, non - religious or multi faith ceremony. My spirituality provides me with my values, guides my behaviours and attitude which is why you can trust me with your special day.


Do speak to me about the range of ceremonies available to you; including celebrating new homes or businesses' using Feng Shui, clearing negative energies and replacing with positive loving energy. 

Memorials and funeral services are also provided for to those who are local to me.

Our promoted wedding destination is in the beautiful Philippines; If this interests you then please make enquiries. 

 Working in the UK though, is special to me as I love welcoming people to this lovely country, its beautiful landscape and history.

Please contact me with any questions or expressions of interest you may have as it would be an honour and privilege to be a part of the important ceremonial moments in your life.

Proudly associated with the award winning  Bouquet and Bells

and  at Tanycoed Farm

Tanycoed Farm Llansilin, Oswestry SY10 9BS

Jane Depledge

Trained by FOIC


Proud supporter of same-sex marriage


National Certificate in Wedding and Funeral Celebrancy
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