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Naming Ceremony

Happy Family
Group of Babies

Welcoming a child into your lives is a memorable, rewarding and incredibly special experience.


Naming ceremonies are a beautiful alternative to a religious ceremony, for families who want to celebrate the beginning of their child's life and welcome them into the world. Such a ceremony provides an informal setting for family and friends to celebrate the arrival of the baby. It gives you the chance to welcome your child into the family and affirm your love and commitment to them, surrounded by the most important people in their life.

As your Naming Ceremony celebrant, rest assured your ceremony will be perfect. It will be filled with fun, can even be themed, and your special guests will have every opportunity to participate in symbolic rituals that will delight all family members. Together, we can plan a ceremony just right for your little one.

Please feel free to contact me and arrange a meeting where we can discuss the celebration of this this momentous happy occasion.

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