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Services Offered

A free no obligation meeting, either face to face or via skype/zoom is offered to understand your requirements. From there we can begin creating your unique personalised ceremony through easy and informal planning: your choice of wording, help in creating powerful heartfelt vows if required, plus all the genuine care and helpful information to make sure your day will be relaxed and fun. We can get creative with the various ceremonial enhancements that will make your day standout in peoples memories. You and your guests are guaranteed a beautiful, meaningful ceremony that is spoken from the heart and sincerely captures your love, life experiences and romance.


Have you considered how lovely it would be to have the same celebrant who conducted your wedding to be present at the naming of your children and perhaps renewing your vows later in your life? Truly life affirming spiritual connections .


Weddings                                                     from £450

A wedding is a day filled with laughter and love in the company of great friends and your beloved family. From modern or traditional, boho chic or lavish. I know that your wedding is deeply important to you, it is for me too which is why I offer three price plans based on content and location. Each plan will be presented to you on your enquiry for you to choose the right one for you.

Bookings via a wedding planner or agent are welcomed. Bookings at Barnutopia are a set price, please enquire 

Baby Holding Parent
Namings                                                       from £250

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome and introduce your newest addition to your family. These ceremonies are from new-born to any age and are performed in place of a religious baptism. It can be based on a traditional service or pagan style rituals with mother earth at the core just as you too have become a mum ... or dad! Price will reflect the travel arrangements, otherwise there is one set fee. 

Engaged Couple
Renewal of Vows                                      from £250

Celebrate your enduring love with the renewal of your marriage vows. Perhaps you would like to reaffirm your love using the vows you made originally . Maybe you would like to repeat vows that demonstrate your equality in life and how your love has sustained you. Whatever ceremony style you choose whether intimate of a huge family occasion it will be another great day to remember. Price will reflect the travel arrangements, otherwise there is one set fee. 

Family Time
Family Unions                                           from £250

These include celebrations such as a special anniversary, birthday, any special occasion, or a family unity ceremony where all the members of your new family are united. Particularly great for blended families, step children, lost and found family members, and adopted children. Price will reflect the travel arrangements, otherwise there is one set fee so can include as many children or family members as you wish.

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