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Wedding Ceremony

A bride and groom jump the broom in thei
Hindu Wedding Ritual

So you have met your Soulmate. Now it's the exciting time where you are planning your wedding day. There are so many details to organise, and the ceremony is just one of them. Often, couples don't know where to begin in planning their ceremony and that is where a celebrant is most useful as a source of creative knowledge. A celebrant will listen without bias to your own ideas and be as enthusiastic as you in crafting and bringing magic to your day.

Whether you want your wedding to be formal or casual, traditional or modern, elaborate or intimate it should be the perfect ceremony for you. No matter what your style of wedding , it is important that it reflects you as a couple - your personalities, your values, your beliefs, your relationship and above all your love for one another. You should be able to choose the place and time without restrictions and have a ceremony that truly mirrors your character; with me you can do just that. 

Perhaps you want to consider a handfasting ? A full Celtic handfasting is beautifully spiritual. It is a ceremony imbued with ancient mystical symbolism which brings special meaning to your union and can accommodate a variety of themes. Here in the UK we have a number of accessible historical sites and stone circles, including the Neolithic sites of Stonehenge, Avebury and Rollright Stones to name but a few. Close to my home you also have  wonderful stone circles and beautiful Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall- a truly magnificent setting worthy of any wedding but picture perfect for a full handfasting ceremony.

All destinations and venues are catered for.

Please feel free to contact me to answer any questions you may have and to discuss what is offered in each of the three price plans available for your convenience. We can arrange a no obligations appointment to meet or Skype to confirm your decision in choosing me as your wedding celebrant. 

Wedding Family Photos

I can highly recommend Jane as a celebrant. I knew she would be perfect to conduct a ceremony to celebrate the wedding of my son and fiancee. Jane was sensitive to the situation, respectful to them and their wishes and used her personal power and presence to deliver a lovely ceremony.

Helen P, mother of the groom

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