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Creating wonderful memories

Welcome to Soul Companions

Bonded by Love

Thank you for selecting my website and congratulations on your forthcoming celebration.


A Ceremony has the capacity to transform and elevate the ordinary so that it may become the extraordinary and stays in your memory for ever. Your celebration is made even more beautiful by my truly understanding and meeting your creative needs so that everything will unfold seamlessly around you. You will be in safe, skilled, and super-experienced hands.

Dare to be different! My specialities are Spiritual Celtic/Pagan rituals and traditional style weddings in historic castles, houses and sites of significant awesomeness and splendour - but that's not to say your chosen venue is any less appealing to me. For many, there is simply nothing better than being in nature so beach weddings, wood ceremonies, or rustic boho chic is always appealing. Or perhaps a more traditional style with your own creative twist held indoors for good measure?

Whatever your choice it's You and your story that interests me.


Are you looking for a celebrant that combines fun and creativity but is precise and diligent in delivering the perfect ceremony made just for you? Then we are certainly a match.

If you want a celebrant that feels connected to people and places, then we are going to get on and you can trust me to make your day special. If you want value for money but also one of the best Celebrants in the UK then look no further.

With thousands of Celebrants to choose from, finding the right one can be daunting but so important to get right. If you believe your celebrant is me then I welcome scheduling a meeting with you to discuss your plans further.

Thank you.

Diolch yn fawr

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